Filtermist solves steam issue for Spanish food machinery manufacturer

Filtermist’s Spanish distributor, Disheco, has recently completed an installation of five stainless steel Filtermist FX7002 units for food production equipment specialist Tecnical Tecnologia Aplicada SL. 

Tecnical is based in Girona, Spain, and has provided a wide range of machinery, equipment and complete turnkey installations for the food industry for more than 25 years. The company’s R+D+i Department provides businesses in the dairy sector with creative, innovative and efficient solutions that help improve and optimise their production processes. 

Innovation, together with knowledge and experience, have resulted in Tecnical registering a number of patents, including a novel immersion mould washing system and an automatic horizontal cheese pressing system.

Tecnical contacted Disheco following a recommendation from another company which had used stainless steel Filtermist units for a similar application. Before installing the Filtermist units Tecnical relied on a turbine to expel the steam from the production area to the atmosphere outside, but this was not as effective as installing stand-alone filters on the line, as Purchasing Manager, Toni Vila, explains:

“Including the extraction as part of the line makes it far easier to install the machines at customer sites as they do not need to include central extraction with fixed ducting. This significantly reduces installation time and therefore cost. And because the Filtermist units are stainless steel, they should have the same life-span as the rest of the machinery.

“Using effective extraction has improved the air quality in the factory making it a far nicer environment for everyone that works with us or visits us. It also helps to reduce cleaning and associated costs.”

Rafael Corrales from Disheco explains, “This installation has been so successful that we are now working closely with Tecnical to see if Filtermist units can be used on the mold washers that it manufactures. We are currently undertaking trials at the premises of one of Technical’s customers and we are confident that the initial tests will be positive.”

Alison Green, Brand Business Support Manager at Filtermist comments, “I have worked with Filtermist for more than 22 years and I always love finding out about the more unusual applications our products are used in.

“Our core market is extracting oil mist generated in metal machining applications, but more and more customers are using our units in both food processing applications and machinery which is used in food production. The fact that we offer a stainless-steel unit, and our main filters are not paper based, means they are just as effective with water vapour as they are with coolant mist.”

Please contact your local Filtermist distributor to discuss your extraction requirements.