UK firm tells why Filtermist mist extraction is so important

Lyndsey Vickers from MTD CNC recently visited Metaltech Precision Ltd in Somerset in the UK where she spoke to Operations Manager Steven Ward about the role Filtermist oil mist collectors play in ensuring a clean and safe working environment and why this is so important.

“The Filtermist system is a fantastic system," said Steven. "It’s very simplistic in the way it works, it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance and as you can see on the Filtermist system behind us, the green lights – that’s actually part of a monitoring system which tells us the condition of the filter and how efficiently it’s performing.”

When Lyndsey asked Steven why Filtermist systems are so important for Metaltech he replied, “There are a number of reasons really – one is to protect the internal workings of the machine, ….but more importantly it’s to provide an environment that is healthy and conducive to removing the opportunity for long-term respiratory issues that staff could otherwise suffer from. We’re trying to create as near a perfect working environment for them as we can.”

Lyndsey and Steven also discussed the fact that as well as protecting employees’ health, keeping workshops clean has a number of other benefits including attracting and retaining quality employees.

Watch the interview in full by following this link: 

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