Filtermist oil mist collectors are not just for oil mist!

As well as being highly efficient at removing oil and coolant mist generated in CNC machining applications, Filtermist oil mist collectors also effectively remove steam and water vapour from aqueous parts wash machines used to clean components.

Here are just some of the reasons for choosing Filtermist units for parts washing machines:

  1. Filtermist units are trusted by many leading parts wash machine manufacturers including Anmasi, Bautermic, Hein Heso and MecWash which include a Filtermist as a standard part of their machine specifications
  2. Drums, cases, motor shafts and clips can all be supplied in stainless steel, meaning internal parts won’t rust or corrode
  3. T pieces, airflow regulators and extended ducting can all be used to lower the temperature of the steam before it enters the Filtermist unit – this protects the unit and minimises condensation which can collect on walls and ceilings
  4. Filtermist's centrifugal technology does not require any paper filters which can quickly deteriorate when exposed to steam and water vapour, meaning low running costs and minimal down-time
  5. Air can be cleaned and recycled internally – no unsightly external ducting required so your premises will look as clean on the outside as it does on the inside.

Watch this short animated film to find out more:

Please contact your local Filtermist distributor to discuss how a Filtermist unit can effectively remove steam and water vapour generated by your parts wash machine.