International Metalworking News for Asia interviews Filtermist MD

James Stansfield, Filtermist’s Managing Director, was one of a number of international exhibitors interviewed by International Metalworking News for Asia (IMNA) at the MTA show in Singapore earlier this year.

As a leading industry publication, the magazine was keen to speak to high-profile exhibitors to find out about their latest innovations. Filtermist has exported its oil mist collectors to the ASEAN region since very early on in the company’s development and has made a number of changes in recent years to support its efforts to grow market share.

James’ interview focussed on how Filtermist units help to keep the air in industrial workplaces clean, and why health and safety is a growing priority for Asian manufacturers.

“There are a lot of multinational companies who manufacture in Asia….their health and safety regulations are the same as in Europe, Japan, or America. Plus what we're seeing in the region now is the younger generation coming forward and learning about regulations in university and saying that they don't have to work in the same conditions as the older generation did,” said James.

“The younger generation has a choice, and they want to work in a nice, clean, advanced factory. They're demanding this and that's good because they don't have to work in that environment.”

Follow this link to read the interview in full, or click here to read a longer IMNA interview with James conducted back in 2013 where he discusses why Asia offers such huge potential for Filtermist.