Filtermist to introduce Stratocell packaging

UK based Filtermist International is introducing the use of Stratocell closed cell polyethylene foam packaging for its oil mist collectors as part of the company’s continual improvement programme.

Stratocell offers a higher level of protection using less material than the current polyurethane packaging thanks to its strength to weight ratio.
Using less material will provide a number of benefits including lower transport, fuel and storage costs, and thanks to Stratocell’s resilient cushioning properties it can be re-used several times making it more environmentally friendly than the current packaging.
Managing Director James Stansfield, comments, “As well as the fact that it can be re-used, Stratocell can also be recycled wherever Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) is processed. As an ISO14001 accredited organisation, we consciously try and minimise our environmental impact wherever possible.
“We are confident that our customers will appreciate the benefits afforded by our move to Stratocell.”