Piquet Machinery reports satisfied customer following S Fusion installation

Filtermist’s distributor in New Zealand Piquet Machinery has reported another satisfied customer following the installation of an S Fusion neat oil mist collector on a new Doosan Puma ST35GS sliding head lathe. 

S Fusion combines a hi-tech synthetic self-draining media filter with Filtermist’s proven centrifugal technology - offering an effective alternative to other products in the high-pressure coolant market. 

Auckland based Autolathing Engineering Ltd. produces components used in a variety of sectors and, as an existing Piquet customer, contacted director Peter Kavanagh to discuss oil mist extraction when the decision was taken to invest in the new Doosan.

Peter explains, “Following discussions about the new machine tool and the volumes of submicron oil mist particles it was likely to generate, we recommended installing an S Fusion. It has proved extremely effective and Autolathing is happy with the results.”

With a maximum speed of 8000 r/min for both the main and sub spindles, Autolathing’s new Swiss style lathe offers high-precision and high productivity aided by the use of neat oil. 

Peter continues “Neat oil applications are notorious for the high volumes of submicron mist particles produced and it can be both difficult and costly to capture this type of contaminant.

“S Fusion is not only more cost effective than other products in the market, it takes up no floor space as it can be mounted on the machine tool. It also benefits from considerably lower running costs than other products. We are confident that S Fusion from Filtermist will help Piquet to ensure more of our customers are compliant with New Zealand’s Health and Safety law.”

All employers in New Zealand are obliged to take all practicable steps to eliminate significant hazards to employees, or minimise and protect employees in cases where significant hazards cannot be isolated or eliminated, in accordance with the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015.

New Zealand’s Government has produced a ‘Practical Guide to Working Safely with Hazardous Substances’ which includes a section entitled ‘Keep Safe with Hazardous Substances’. Follow this link to download a PDF of this section to read about measures employers can take to control employees’ exposure by using effective local exhaust ventilation.

Find out more about S Fusion by following this link to watch a short film on Filtermist’s YouTube channel.