Machine operators in Ireland’s MedTech sector breathe easy thanks to Filtermist

Filtermist’s long-standing distributor in Ireland, Quaker Houghton, works with a number of the country’s leading medical device manufacturers to ensure their machine tool operatives are protected from exposure to hazardous airborne oil mist particles. 

Many of the parts, including hip and knee joints, stents and implants, are manufactured from exotic materials such as titanium which produce high volumes of oil mist when being machined. Installing a Filtermist oil mist collector on each machine enables the airborne particles to be captured before they can escape into the workshop - reducing the risk of occupational diseases associated with breathing in contaminated air.

Quaker Houghton’s customers use a wide variety of machine tools from manufacturers including Makino, Matsuura, Star GB and Sodick – Filtermist works closely with all of the UK/IRL distributors of these brands to ensure customers have the option to specify effective oil mist extraction at the time of purchase. 

In addition to supplying and installing Filtermist units, Quaker Houghton also provides aftersales services, including routine and reactive maintenance, to customers throughout Ireland. The service team was exceptionally busy throughout the lockdown period as Country Commercial Manager for Quaker Houghton, Tomás Moriarty, explains, “The Health and Safety Authority is very active in Ireland - ensuring health and safety standards are adhered to is a key driver for Filtermist sales and aftersales services. COVID has meant lots of firms have postponed investment plans and are choosing to maintain their existing equipment to ensure a longer lifespan instead.

“MedTech is a significant industry in Ireland, employing over 40,000 people. Companies based here export to over 100 countries around the world and this industry is relatively robust in terms of weathering economic uncertainty which is encouraging given the current climate.”

Manufactured in the UK since 1969, Filtermist units have a deserved reputation for longevity – with some customers requesting spare parts for models that have been discontinued for a significant amount of time.

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