Filtermist's Polish distributor undertakes project with leading machine tool distributor

Filtermist’s Polish distributor Imponar has kindly shared details of a collaboration with Metal Team, the country’s distributor for Mazak, Brother and Okamoto machine tools…..

"Metal Team is one of the leading suppliers of comprehensive solutions for the machining industry in Poland. It is a family company founded in 1996 in Rzeszów, which from the beginning of its existence has been selling numerical machine tools. Throughout the past 25 years, the scope of the company’s activity has significantly expanded and now includes complete technical, technological, service and training support for machines sold. It also designs and manufactures clamping systems and has developed and delivered automation of machining processes solutions.

"The Metal Team Technology Center located in Wanaty near Częstochowa undertakes production activities, which also provides practical demonstrations of the technological solutions offered. The Metal Team premises is 4 240 m² of hall - 360 m² of which is intended for exhibition, pre-commissioning of sold machines and training. The production part is equipped with 20 modern CNC machine tools which also act as a reference and enable the team to conduct technological tests.  2020, Imponar implemented a project co-financed by the Social Insurance Institution for the Metal Team Company, entitled “Co-financing of activities of the contribution payer for the improvement of occupational health and safety”. This program includes measures to improve safety and health at work. Both small and large companies can receive such financing. The Metal Team company is equipped with many machine tools from reputable producers such as Mazak, Brother, Citizen and  Okamoto.

"In addition to mounting Filtermist oil mist collectors on large machine tools, Imponar also completed smaller projects on other machines. Each collector has an F Monitor 2 installed which is able to accurately inform the employee if the filter is blocked, or if the unit needs servicing. Thanks to the use of such an innovative product, the machine operator can more accurately predict the period of replacement of filter cartridges for oil mist collectors, limiting the downtime to minimum.

"Filtermist oil mist collectors have been mounted on many machines, using various methods including direct mounts and top half post stands.

"In addition to assembling the units on Mazak machines, Imponar also assembled them on Brother R650 machines.

"The Brother Speedio R650X1 machines are two-pallet milling and threading centers. They are ultra-fast tools equipped with a Quick Turn pallet changer table for unlimited machining options and eliminating downtime. The machine chamber is divided into two parts, where the machining process takes place in one and the workpiece is replaced in the other part. The Brother Speedio R650X1 machines are equipped with Metal Team automation solution - Rexio Drawer robotic pallet cells, which enable increased productivity with proportional reduction of production costs.

"Thanks to the use of oil mist collectors, we not only took care of the improvement of air conditions in the hall, but also that the oil mist did not settle on the robot’s arms and control electronics. By installing Filtermist units, you can avoid additional costs related to the maintenance of automation systems, but also improve safety by avoiding slippery ground, which result from the deposition of oil mist on the floor.

An additional interesting machine in the implementation of the project for Metal Team was Akira Performa 5.5 machine. Due to its specificity of work with cast iron elements machining, the machine is equipped with two filtration units FX7002 and F Monitors 2.

"The most satisfying aspect of the installations and the entire project was that each employee working on the machine was pleased with the fact that his health and working conditions had improved, and that everyone could breathe with fresh air in the hall without oil mist. Bearing in mind the safety of employees and conditions in the production hall, secondary HEPA filters have also been installed on each unit, which reduce the smoke resulting from the process that may occur during the combustion of coolant/oil. Imponar is proud of the fact that we have become the contractors for this project and we could provide higher standards of working conditions for many people, protecting their health and improving the conditions and safety in the production hall."

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