S Fusion brings cost savings for Star sliding head lathe user

Precision CNC machining specialist Perry Engineering Auckland Ltd has upgraded to S Fusion submicron oil mist filters on two Star sliding head lathes following a recommendation from Piquet Machinery.

As New Zealand’s distributor for Filtermist, Star and Mectron, Piquet Machinery has supplied machine tools and accessories to Perry Engineering for many years. Most of these machines, including a Star SR 20R and an SR 20JC, were installed with Filtermist oil mist collectors to ensure Perry’s employees are protected from exposure to potentially hazardous airborne oil mist particles.

The filters are regularly inspected to make sure they are operating as intended and when the afterfilters were last due to be replaced, Piquet suggested Perry trialled Fusion filters on the S400s installed on the two Star machines.

Designed specifically for smaller ‘swiss style’ sliding head lathes, Fusion filters are made from a hi-tech synthetic self-draining media filter and benefit from a large surface area, enabling them to capture the high volumes of submicron oil mist particles typically generated by this type of machine.

Trials run by Filtermist proved that Fusion filters can last up to six times longer* than standard afterfilters, making them an attractive proposition for users of machine tools running on neat oil, or at high pressures.

Peter Kavanagh, Director at Piquet Machinery, elaborates, “We’ve worked with Perry Engineering for more than 12 years and have a good working relationship with the team. When the time came for Perry to renew the afterfilters on the SR 20R and the SR 20JC we recommended they try Fusion filters as they could be more cost effective in the long-run.”

The two S Fusions have been running since October of last year and Perry is very pleased with the results, as Director Samuel Wattam testifies, “Quality is key for Perry Engineering – both in the service we offer to customers, and in the products and services we choose to help us deliver on our customer’s expectations.

“We have used Filtermist oil mist filters for a very long time, and this latest product, S Fusion, does just what Peter said it would. Sliding head lathes are known for producing really small oil mist particles, and lots of them! Since we installed the S Fusions, we’ve definitely noticed a difference in our air quality. And the fact that the new filters should last longer than the standard afterfilters means we should save money – it’s a win, win as far as we’re concerned.” 

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*A Fusion filter and a standard afterfilter were both tested on a Filtermist S400 in an application using neat oil at 100bar